Folklore is the tales, legends or superstitions of a particular ethnic group. It is also a traditional art, written fiction of a high standard, knowledge, and practices



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Folklore games is the tales, legends or superstitions of a particular ethnic group. It is also a traditional art, written fiction of a high standard, knowledge, and practices that were to pass down through oral poetry. The word folklore was originated or coined by a British man William Thoms in 1846, the study for folklore is known as folkloristics.

History of Nigerian Folklore Games

Nigeria folklore is a traditional belief were every ethnic group in Nigeria has its story to tell. folklore became a popular game in 1846 but one cannot rightfully state the date when folklore started because its myths and legends have been in the beginning of the earth. One cannot call folklore a culture but it could be seen as beliefs that initiate from tales, legends, and superstitions.  It is an ancient pastime of Nigerians to relax and have fun at break time or after a hard day’s work. Though some locals in Nigeria still engage in folklore games and prefer it to any civilization.


This folklore games serve for relaxation and also provide some opportunity to teach young ones about the history, values, and mores of the people. People were always excited in hearing the various folktales even if it was just a mere lie to keep them company. People or precisely the young ones are always eager to see the moon so they can run to an elder’s house and settle for interesting stories and some refreshment which are mostly kola nuts and palm wine.

Modern Folklore Games

There are also other recreational activities conducted in village squares and these include folktales and dances which are always rendered by both adults and children of the same age bracket. Today, technology-based games such as networking, internet surfing, movies and television are the most favored distraction for children.

Fact remains that in today’s word folklore still has a place in our lives because we all tell stories both real and lies, we celebrate and host events. Kids sing rhymes and tell jokes, riddles and involve themselves in games. Even in our work environment we learn and use technical terminology that is accepted in our area of profession, we visit cinemas and watch adverts that are expressed in different manners which are passing a meaningful and an understandable information to the public; all this are also examples of folklore in today’s world. The term “once upon a time” is common in introducing folklore among the Nigerians also “they lived happily ever after” is always use at the end of every folklore. Folklore is a game or a belief that will never die because it is part of mankind.

Importance of Folklore games

Most movie Producers and Directors write their script from the old time folktales they have heard or have an idea about. Folklore has played importance roles in humanity such as bringing unity among people, It helps to settle dispute after a lot of happiness has been share, It educate one on how to live a better life, People get wisdom after each story has been told, it gives hope to many heartbroken in Nigeria and makes one be diligent.

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