"Yaba the Great" as it is popularly known is a federal polytechnic called Yaba College of Technology in Yaba, Lagos close to University of Lagos



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Yabatech – “Yaba the Great” as the slogan of the school says.  It’s a federal polytechnic called Yaba College of Technology in Yaba, Lagos. However, it is close to University of Lagos (Unilag) and Federal College of Education. The school is a typically small in Landmark as a higher Institution.

Yabatech is make up of eight schools. What is known as faculty in other higher institution. However, the schools are School of Art, Design & Printing, School of Engineering, and School of Environmental Studies. There are School of Liberal Studies, School of Management & Business Studies, and School of Science. Also, there are School of Technology and School of Technical Education. Each academic session has up to two semesters. Also, each semester is usually between 15 and 17 weeks. It include examination period and non-academic activities.

The Library is the Academic nerve center for the College. It currently has more than 73,000 volume of books. Also, the library has a seating capacity for 1,500 readers. The library has five departments. No student uses the library unless he/she registers in the Library. However, registration is valid for one academic year only. But may be renew at the beginning of each academic year.


However, new student with  CGPA below 2.0 are advice to withdraw from the school. And for a student to be eligible for the award of Diploma; a student must score an aggregate of at least 40%. Also, with CGPA of not less than 2.00.

An overall attendance of not less than 75% is required for each course. Any student who fail to satisfy this requirement may not be allow to take the semester examinations. Also, the exam script may not be mark.

Food in Yabatech

The school has a large landmark of canteen. Where all kind of noodles food is serve. There are Fried rice, Jollof rice, Fufu, Eba, Amala, Bread and Beans (BB). These are the common food in the school. However, most student prefer BB because it last longer in the body. To make it interesting most students prefer to eat in school. This is because it is more affordable on campus than off campus.

Sport in Yabatech

Sporting activities are well developed in the college. There are varieties of sports to cater for interests. The college has also participate in Nigeria Polytechnic Games (NIPOGA). And once host the West African Polytechnic Games (WAPOGA). The first of its kind in the year 2007. Yabatech has won different sports competition both home and away.

Technology in Yabatech

The school has Banking facility that encourages commercial banks. In order to operate on campus. Zenith Bank and Sky Bank are the only two banks that are giving the privilege to operate. Medical Centre opens 24 hours daily. It is well structure and is head by a Medical director. Also, assist by a team of qualified medical personnel.

Student tenure in Yabatech

Students admitted for ND/HND (National Diploma/Higher National Diploma) full time have a maximum tenure of four academic sessions (8 semesters). During this period students most obtain a minimum CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point) of 2.0. This is required for graduation. Students who fail to meet this minimum requirement. Will not be eligible for an extension of studentship. While the Part-time students have maximum studentship tenure of six academic sessions (12 semesters).

Activities in Yabatech

Once in a year, the school of art organises the Yabatech Aro day. Aro day is usually call mad day. On this day, you see Art students showcasing levels of madness. If you are not conversant with school life, you may think Yabatech is offering a degree course in Madness.

The College gives students to form an Association Or Professional societies. Also with social or philanthropic societies. Which  are National Association of Computer Science students (NACOSS), National Association of Polytechnic Engineering Students (NAPES), and Art Design Students Association (ADSA) and Great Datum club. There are also The Excel club, The Yaba College of Jaycees, Discovery club, and Anti-aids club. Others are Kairo Peace and Love club. National Association of Akwa Ibom, National Association of Edo state Students, National Union of Lagos State students (NULASS), and National Association of Anambra State students. However there are also Too Students Union, Yaba College of Technology Chapter, Federation of Pain state students Association (FOSSA), and National Association of Cross River State students (NACRISS) etc.

Finally, Students of the college most to comport themselves as responsible members of the society. Any student caught engaging in any form of verbal/physical combat. He/She shall face the student’s disciplinary committee. However, this could suspension or the student may be expelled from the school.

Is lifestyle in Yabatech fun or not? Well, you can tell. As for me it’s OK


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