Places to visit during self quarantine



As we all know the Corona Virus is a threat to humanity; however, places to visit during self quarantine will help strengthen us to stay happy. While we wait to be free from this pandemic outbreak; that has lead to the lockdown of several Cities, Towns and Villages. Also, many tourist centres and amusement parks seems to be death. Although, many of us are working from home and isolating from people. It has not really been easy for human race at this time in 21st century, 2020; since a lot of us are not used to working at home. However, the result of this Corona virus has led to increase in death rate in 2020. Places to visit during self quarantine; is what you should think of so as to derive joy. Furthermore, avoid visiting top countries with Corona virus cases for now. ALSO READ ABOUT, TOP COUNTRIES WITH CORONA VIRUS CASES However, many people are afraid when it comes to visiting European countries during this time.

Places to visit during self quarantine


Is Coronavirus and COVID 19 the same?

Yes, it is the same. For many of us who do not know; COVID-19 is the short form or abbreviation for Corona Virus Disease 2019. Which started in Wuhan City of Hubei in China on December 2019. However, the disease is often called Corona virus or COVID-19

Are coronavirus tests accurate?

This depends on the body handling the test. When properly done; the results are accurate. But if not properly tested then the patient may retake the test. Why some are asking this question is because rumours spread that the virus is not from living organisms. But from chemicals that are invent by the Chinese to reduce human race. Well only the creator of the universe can tell. Therefore, the result of the test is believe to be from the chemicals injected. But not from any living organisms.

Are coronavirus tests available?

Yes it is, but it is expensive in some countries like Nigeria and other African countries. This is because the health facilities are not much. Therefore, only the big guns go for the test as some agency like the NCDC, Nigeria Centre for Disease Control; will ask to know who referred you to them. If your referral is not a big shot in the society; then you may not be allow to test. Although, this may be happening in the Western world too. But thing about people in Ajegunle Apapa; were things do not move well. How will they survive? Anyways ALSO READ ABOUT, AJEGUNLE APAPA LAGOS to have idea of what I mean. It is among the popular places in Lagos.



Places to visit during Self quarantine

I want to believe you now have a little experience of what a prison lifestyle feels like. Funny right, don’t worry this few places you will visit while in your quarantine will make you feel relax. Like you are in LA MANGA BEACH RESORT

  1. Garden
  2. Balcony
  3. Kitchen
  4. Bedroom
  5. Media room


Have you ever thought of your garden? It could be the right place for you to stroll; especially if it’s a love garden like places to propose. ALSO READ ABOUT, PLACES TO PROPOSE. Lionel Messi loves to relax here and play with his family. Although, if you don’t have a garden to relax then the next option is for you.


I really love relaxing at the balcony; even late at night. Balcony is cool for anyone. It is a nice place to visit during this self quarantine and behold the scenic evirons of your area. Don’t know if you have ever visited Emir Palace of Bauchi and behold the amazing site attraction when viewing from the balcony.


Kitchen has suddenly become an important place for everyone to visit during this quarantine season. This is because we will like to prepare food to eat and not patronise the entries and bukka close to us. As a result of the fear of contacting Corona Virus. However, many people are already turning into a great cook. The kids, Wifes and Husband enters here numerous times a day. I really think you should try find your way to the kitchen and eat something that will energise your body and help you stay healthy too. Remember health is wealth!


After feeding your stomach from the kitchen and quench the rumbling sound in your stomach. Then it’s time to head straight to your bed and take a nap. You don’t necessarily need pyjamas at this time. Hey! hear me just jump to bed after your food has digest and rest for 2 hours. I mean sleep for hours. Wake up after 4pm to get set for the next activity.

Media room

Yeah you heard it right, media room; media room here is where you can watch news, movies, play games, learn your instrument and practice anything in mind. But it is very important you stay tune on television to watch the Corona Virus news just in case the Quarantine season is over. This is the most important places to visit during self quarantine. However, you can choose how you want to do your visiting. But don’t forget to take the kids to LCC Canopy Walkway to have great fun after this quarantine is over.

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