While at home there are lot of fun things to-do during Coronavirus lockdown that will keep you and your family united. Should you be single then don’t worry for there are tips to also make you smile. We have a few things to let you know and encourage you at this time in life. The Earth is going through it toughest time and the occupant are feeling the heat. Although, it is know more news that the virus we are running from today; is created by some professionals to achieve a goal. However, there’s no problem without a solution. So, we believe there’s a solution and soon everything will be fine. Therefore, worry less as we stay through this toughest time together. Perhaps you don’t know where to stay this time. You can ALSO READ ABOUT, PLACES TO STAY DURING CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC

Fun things to-do during Coronavirus lockdown

At this time when you are observing quarantine. As a result of the lockdown so we can isolate from the crowd. There are places to check-in within your vicinity; that will be perfect for you. Therefore ALSO READ ABOUT, PLACES TO VISIT DURING SELF QUARANTINE to make your day a fun filled day. However, this is not the time to visit Ajegunle in Apapa Lagos.
If you think am asking you to visit Ajegunle or La manga beach resort at this time then you are wrong. Therefore, read places to visit during self quarantine so you can have more idea on this post. Well maybe you don’t even know about La manga, a beach resort in Ilashe.

List of fun things to-do during Coronavirus lockdown

Play Ludo
Play PS4
Video call
Watch movies
Take Online courses
Organise online training
Work from home
Listen to Music
Learn new skills at home
Promote your business online

Have you been thinking what the top class footballers like Lionel Messi and C. Ronaldo will be doing now. Well if you are a sport person; and has been tested negative or very sure the Corona Virus is no where close to you. While in your garden; you can play football, volleyball, and all such of sport with your family. If you have a pool like the Nigerian famous Singer D’banj; then you are free to swim. Also, you can decide to build leads. Furthermore, implement new business that favours the atmosphere and also engage in social media to build your brands. As many will mostly be active this period on social media. All this are fun things to-do during Coronavirus lockdown.


Quick question about Corona Virus

Let’s take this quick question about corona virus so we can know fun things to-do during Coronavirus lockdown.

Is coronavirus and covid 19 the same thing?

Yes, coronavirus and covid-19 is the same thing. Covid-19 which means Corona Virus Disease 2019 is just a short form for writing Coronavirus.

Can coronavirus live on food?

Coronavirus can live on food. If the virus spread to it. The health sector make us to understand that the virus can be spread from any infected person to any body, food, object or anything.

Can coronavirus live on paper?

Yes, the virus can survive on paper but for only a short time. However, it is usually 180 minutes which is equal to 3 hours.

Can coronavirus live on clothing?

It can survive for 48 hours on clothes. This is more than paper which is just few hours.

Can coronavirus live on packages?

This depends on the texture or surface of the package. Please note that it can survive for 7 days on surgical mask. So the risk of contracting it from a used mask is high.

Can coronavirus live on hair?

Yes, it can live on hair but not for too long. However, the case is similar to paper and cupboard. It will only last for 2 to 3 hours if in contact with hair.
Can coronavirus spread through air
Corona virus spread faster through air. That is why we are advise to cover the noise when sneezing with the elbow. Also, cover your mouth while yawning; as this could lead to the spread of the virus.

Can coronavirus live on cardboard?

Yes but for few hours just like paper. The virus does not usually live long when out of the human body.
After knowing this fun things to-do during Coronavirus lockdown should be careful selected.


  • This is absolutely fantastic. I got more insight into the pandemic caused by the Corona Virus and countries worst affected.
    So thoughtful to read about what to do this period to avoid, keep it coming Mr. Hassan.
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