Aguda Surulere Lagos lies very close to the National Stadium and Teslim Balogun Stadium. Which is in Lagos State, South West of Nigeria. The town is close to Bode Thomas, Coker, Sanya, Ijesha and Kilo. However, there are 5 towns sharing border with Aguda. Although, there are other communities that are close to the town. Butt not as close to the list below.

Nearby towns to Aguda Surulere Lagos

  • Bode Thomas
  • Coker
  • Sanya
  • Airways
  • Ijesha
  • Kilo


Aguda Surulere Lagos is a very popular place in Surulere. Aguda and Ago Okota have similarities. The town Aguda is a well developed town. It’s is not too far from the NYSC Secretariat. Also, when coming from Bode Thomas, there is a powerline in Aguda. However, the PHCN cashoffice is not far from it. Aguda is a decent environment to settle. Although, houses are expensive. The roads are well pave and maintained. There is a canal in this town too. There are people from different part of the world living here. Fact remains that there are many foreigners living in Aguda. The rich people of Surulere prefer to live in Aguda, Bode Thomas and Kilo. Shitta is not left out. As well as Adelabu, Ogunlana Drive and Adeniran Ogunsanya.


Population of Aguda Surulere Lagos

Aguda has a population of over 40,000 people. This is only for the citizens of Nigeria. However, a total population for both foreigners and Nigerians will be more than the figure. Live in Aguda is beautiful. Most of the buildings are flat. However, the number of single apartment are not much here. Furthermore, there’s Aguda market, banks and petrol stations in this town.

Popular places and streets in Aguda

  • Brown road
  • Enitan
  • Soloki
  • Cassette
  • Adetola
  • Pako
  • Emmanuel bus stop

Food in Aguda Surulere Lagos

Aguda is a multilingual town. Therefore, there are numerous foods in this town. People from different part of the country and world have their delicacy. However, when visiting a Buka in Aguda town; you are likely to come across variety of foods. Some of which are Amala, Pounded Yam, Tuwo, Pasta, Noodles and rice. Others are Plantain pottage, Coconut rice, Suya, Barbeque, etc. While some foreign foods are Chicken pie, Burger, Pizza, Sandwich etc. There are lots of nutritious meal in this town.


Language in Aguda Surulere Lagos

The original language for Aguda is Yoruba. The occupants of this town speaks other Nigerian languages. Although, there are other languages spoken by foreigners. The foreign languages are French, Togo, German, Portuguese and Chinese. But English is an official language in the town. It is widely spoken in Nigeria.

Religion in Aguda

The town is mix with Christians and Muslim mainly. Although, there are other religion which is not renounce like the two. On Sundays people dress for Church. While the Muslims prepare for Jumat on Fridays. However, there’s freedom to practice any religion of your choice here. The traditional worshippers do their thing in a tight corner.


Social Amenities and Infrastructures in Aguda

No doubt the Chairman of this town is trying to fix things. If you visit Aguda you will like the beautiful environs. There are nice hotels and restaurant to serve you better. Also, the power supply is not bad. But can not be compared to Ago. The Muritala Mohammed Airport is the closest to this town. There are quite a number of fun places to visit while in Aguda.

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