Isolo in Lagos state is a small town that lies in the Oshodi-Isolo local government area in Lagos state. However, it is in the southwestern part of Nigeria. This is a town that lies near Apapa-Oshodi Expressway. However, its major link roads are Mushin road and Isolo road. Meanwhile, the Osolo way and Okota road also link to Isolo. Therefore, you can access Isolo from Ire Akari Estate. Also, you can locate Isolo from Ajao Estate. Nonetheless, Isolo Lagos is a very popular and busy town in Oshodi-Isolo LGA. Furthermore, it is near Ago Palace Way, Ejigbo, Jakande, Ire Akari, Ajao Estate, Mushin, and Oshodi. Also, Isolo is not too far from Surulere; that is from the Iyana Itire axis heading to Lawanson. Nonetheless, Isolo is one of the wards in Oshodi-Apapa LGA and it is part of the division in Ikeja.

Map of Isolo in Lagos State

Isolo in Lagos State is an industrial town in Oshodi-Isolo Lagos. However, it could be classified as a suburb. When looking at the town from a map; you will see that it is close to Oshodi, Mushin, Isagatedo, Lafia, Itire, and Ijeshatedo is not too far from it. Also, Ejigbo and Mafoluku are not too far from it. Isolo is the bus stop that you will alight when visiting or heading to the town through the expressway. However, the bus stop is under the motorist bridge. Note that Isolo is not a city but a town in Lagos.


Weather in Isolo in Lagos State

While in Isolo Lagos, you will experience weather changes.  However, precipitation sometimes is 3%, and the humidity is 92%. Meanwhile, the wind blows at 5km/h at 24°C. Furthermore, during the dry season; the weather is usually hot and cloudy. Therefore, the warmest month which has the highest average high temperature is February, and it’s mostly 33.1°C. Meanwhile, the month having the highest average low temperature is March at 23.8°C. However, July and August have the lowest average high temperature of 28.1°C. Nonetheless, the wet season is usually warm and July is the coldest month at 25°C. While June is the wettest month having 316 mm rainfall. If you love swimming then March is the best time to catch fun in Isolo Lagos. Then December offers cool sunshine that will make you want to visit the beach or pool to relax.


Popular places and streets in Isolo Lagos State

  • Aiye Street
  • Femi Aribisala Close
  • Kayode Adebanji Street
  • Osolo Way
  • Godwin Way
  • Gbenusola Cl
  • Jimoh Faronbi Drive
  • Oke Afa Rd
  • Ugali St
  • Ishaga Rd
  • Church St
  • Ebemoha St
  • Godwin Omonua St
  • Asa-Afariogun St
  • Olumuyiwa Siwoku Street
  • Adebisi Omotola St
  • SOS Children Village International
  • Laspotech Isolo campus
  • Old English Bakery
  • Seejoy Foundation International
  • Aswani Police Station
  • Isolo Estate Clinic
  • Ire-Akari Estate
  • Ilamose Estate
  • Ilasamaja
  • Faith Gardens Estate
  • Jakande Estate
  • LSDPC Estate Ile Iwe meta
  • Isolo of Isolo Palace
  • Isolo Community Hall

However, these are the streets and popular places in Isolo Lagos. Although, there are quite a number of popular streets in Isolo Lagos.


Schools in Isolo

  • Femfield School
  • Isolo High School
  • Queensland Academy
  • Grandmates School
  • St. Monica Schools
  • Ephraim School
  • Mayday School
  • Effortswill Schools
  • Penckers School
  • Marybene Schools
  • Masters Ville Schools
  • Headstart Private School
  • Apata Memorial High School
  • Kembos Group of Schools
  • Redwood Academy Nursery and Primary School
  • Ajumoni Junior and Senior Secondary School

Houses for rent in Isolo Lagos

There are plenty houses to rent in Isolo Lagos. However, Isolo town is made up of Estate and has Realtor or Estate Agent were you can always get affordable accomodation. Although, some of the houses in the estate are old but are mostly renovate. Houses in Isolo are cheaper than houses at Ago Okota. Also, prices of houses in Ajao Estate in Airport road are almost the same. Meanwhile, houses in Magodo are more expensive than Isolo and Ago Okota. Also, many of the houses are own by politicians. Furthermore, some people rent their houses for office use. Whilee others rent it out for people to live. But the rent is usually expensive.



History of Isolo

Do you know that there were once many Fuji musicians in Isolo than other part of Lagos. However, this happened because the Isolo people are socialities. Therefore, the likes of Obesere, late Sikiru Ayinde and King Wasiu Ayinde have houses here in Isolo. It is because they took advantage of the generousity of the Isolo family. However, if a land is 1000 naira because of the relationship between them they may be asked to pay 10 naira. Also, Pasuma onced live in Isolo Lagos. Although, it is not true that when Oba dies that some parts of the body is removed. However, from the history of Yoruba kingdom and tradition; one is not allow to see the Oba being buried, except few people. Also, you don’t say the Oba is dead but rather he has gone to rest.

Streets in Oshodi, Lagos

Oshodi is a popular place in Lagos. However, it’s has the biggest modern bus terminal in Lagos. Also, its is home to the busiest market, Oshodi market. Nonetheless, there are many popular streets in Oshodi that people should never forget

  • Bolade Oshodi
  • Oyetayo street
  • Omilade street
  • Ari Ori
  • Lateef Salami street
  • Omilade street
  • Awoniyi Elemo street
  • Church street
  • Peluola street
  • Ijaye street
  • Eyinogun street
  • Sadiku street
  • Adedeji street

Therefore, these are some of the popular streets in Oshodi Lagos.

Population of Isolo in Lagos State

Isolo also has a great population in Lagos state. Also, it’s contributes to the population of Oshodi/Isolo LGA. However, having over 300,000 occupants out of the 1.1 million in the LGA. Meanwhile, Oshodi-Isolo population was 621,509 people in 2006 census. Therefore, the population of Oshodi/Isolo has increased rapidly. Nonetheless, Oke-Afa/Ejigbo, Ilasamaja, Okota, Ishagatedo, Isolo, Ajao Estate, Oshodi/Bolade, Shogunle, Orile Oshodi, Mafoluku and Shogunle/Alasia add up to make this population. Although, Oshodi seems to have a higher population. This is because of the social amenities and infrastructure in this area.

Oshodi Isolo LGA Secretariat Lagos

However, this secretariat lies in Oyetayo street which is in the northeast part of Oshodi. It also serves as a liaison office in Lagos. Therefore, you can always get vital information about the local government from this office.

US Visa collection centre

This is another important place in Isolo. The US Visa collection centre also called the GSS Document Collection Center DHL is a  place where you go to collect your Passport after Visa has been issued to you. Although, even if you are not granted Visa but your passport was collected during your Visa interview; you will have to visit this place to collect your Passport. Moreover, after receiving your Visa from this centre handled by the DHL you can always contact us on our Business WhatsApp to book affordable flight for you or call +2348089061542. Business WhatsApp

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  • Flight ticket
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Oshodi to Isolo distance

Although, the distance from Oshodi to Isolo is not far. Therefore, the estimated distance is 5km. You can get to Isolo from Oshodi and Airport road.

Hotels in Okota Isolo, Lagos

  • New World Inn (Okota)
  • BOSS Hotels & Suites
  • Serena Hotel & Suites
  • Chalon Suite
  • Benny Hotel
  • Century Hotel
  • Emota Paradise Hotel (Phase 2)
  • Cavitex Hotel & Suites Ilasamaja Lagos
  • Nippon Diamond Suites Ltd
  • Brighams Suites Limited-hotels in Festac Lagos

Therefore, these are the hotels that we have on our list. Moreover, there are cheaper hotels in Isolo, Lagos. Although, the cheapest hotel is also worth spending a night and you will get all your order at a good rate.

Here are top list hotels around Isolo

Isolo Lagos postal code

However, all the street in Isolo has the same postal code which is 100263. Also, there are over 800 streets in Isolo. Some of the street bears the name of the estate e.g Ire Akari street and LSDPC. Although, the post code can also be call Isolo Lagos zip code.

Social Amenities and infrastructure in Isolo Lagos State

Isolo is a beautiful town having good roads, schools, hospitals, manufacturing industries, polytechnic, water and every necessary facilities. However, Isolo is popularly known as home of manufacturing industries as there are many production companies here.

Airport in Isolo/Oshodi Lagos State

The closest airport to this town is Murtala Muhammed Airport. However, you can easily locate this Airport when you pass the 7 and 8 bus stop. While using the Airport road.

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