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The famous Dublin Port is the seaport of Dublin in Ireland. Its historical and economic value is of great relevance to the country. Dublin Port also happens to be the busiest on the Island of Ireland. And this is because most part of Ireland’s traffic journey through this port. In addition, they take responsibility for the arrival and departure of passengers in Dublin. This however includes the ferry and cruise passengers. A recent evaluation puts the value of the port and its land between £25 billion – £30 billion. This evaluation includes the eastern end of Dublin north side and the southern section.

The Dublin Port is located on either side of the River Liffey. Also, the main part of the port is situated on the East and West wall from Alexander Quay. While the smaller part of the port is found on the Southern part of the river. It lies at the beginning of the Poolbeg Peninsula to be exact. The main activity of the port is Freight handling. This includes a wide range of vessels. As daily visits from large containers carriers and small diesel lighters aid the operation.

Another activity of the port is the Roll-on/Roll-off passenger services. They operate frequently along the Irish Sea to Holyhead. Liverpool and Douglas are also part of the runs. These areas are located in Wales, England, and the Isle of Man respectively. Lastly, Dublin Port is also a docking port for cruise liners. And four companies operate about thirteen sailings on a daily basis.


Dublin Port Tunnel

Dublin port tunnel
Dublin port tunnel

This is a road traffic tunnel in Dublin. It forms part of the M50 motorway. And it takes about 20,000 vehicles daily. Construction of the twin tunnel cost a whopping $752 million. It however has a dual carriageway length of 6.5 km. And a full underground length of 4.5 km. Consequently, several vehicles travel to and fro Dublin. Therefore the roads continue to get congested. So, the tunnel project relieves the surface road of this. And brings about safer travels for every vehicle plying the road. The heavy good vehicles subsequently divert onto the motorway network. As a result, bus users, pedestrians, and cyclists ply the surface road safely.

The Port tunnel is the fourth-longest urban motorway in Europe. Only those in Madrid, Prague, and Sweden are longer. Dublin Port is however shorter than some others. That is when you include non-urban road tunnels. The tunnel has five sections under the Dublin-Belfast railway. Among the sections are tunnel-boring and pipe-jacked. In addition, the Dublin port is open to all types of traffic. Albeit, the 4.6m height may not let some trucks pass through. As the port also provides an 8-minute link to the M-50.

 Irish Ferries


Ferries in Ireland have a good reputation in ferry operations. They have a good operation status between Ireland, France, and the UK. You are certainly assured of good boarding facilities. As comfort is a motto for the ferries.

 Irish Ferry Routes

Holyhead – Dublin: It takes about 6 crossings daily. The duration of the journey is about 1 hour 49 minutes.

Pembroke – Rosslare: This involves 2 crossings per day. And it takes 4 hours to get to your destination.

Dublin – Cherbourg: Unlike other routes, the crossings are intermittent. However, it takes as long as 19 hours.

Rosslare – Cherbourg: The fare is about 3 times per week. At least 19 hours is what the journey takes.

Rosslare – Rosscofings are up to 2 per week. And a duration of 17 hours 30 minutes.

 Irish Ferry Address

  • Rosslare – Irish Ferries, Rosslare Harbour, Co Wexford
  • Dublin port – Terminal Road South, Irish Ferries, Ferryport, Dublin 1


 Dublin Port Postcode

The location, postcodes, and direction of ports include;


This ferry port is located in the South-eastern corner of Ireland. It offers easy access to the midlands. That is south and southwest of the country. And also along the east coast to Dublin. Meanwhile, this is via the N25 and N11 respectively.

The GPS coordinates for Rosslare are: 52 15 08N/06 20 06 W


It is served by the A55 and A5 road networks. Located in Anglesey in Wales. They also have a very good rail service. Subsequently, the terminal closes between 0300 hours and 0545.

GPS Coordinates: N53 18 31/W4 37 43

Postcode is: LL65 1DR


The port is situated just a few miles from the capital city. Dublin port tunnel provides easy access to the M50 and M1 motorways.

GPS coordinates for Dublin is: 53 20 45 N/6 11 39 W


 Dublin port Address

The Contact information of the port gives;

Port Name: Dublin port

Location: Dublin

Port Authority: Dublin Port Company

Address: Port center/ Alexandra Road. Dublin 1, Ireland.

Phone: +353 1 8 550888

Fax: +353 1 8555740

Email: info@dublinport.ie

Web Site: www.dublinport.ie

Longitude: 530 20′ 40″ N

Latitude: 612′ 34″ W


Port Type: Seaport

Port Size: Medium

 Terminal 2

Terminal 2
Terminal 2

Similar to terminal 1, T2 also has very good facilities. Navigating the terminal is pretty easy. And this applies to both passengers and cars. As it is also very easy to get to T1 from T2. There are several amenities in terminal 2. This includes restaurants, pubs, and shopping outlets. The loop in T2 provides a place to wait for your flight.

In short, there are other amenities in terminal 2 includes;

  • Banking (ATMs)
  • Wi-fi (Internet service)
  • Foreign currency (exchange)
  • Pharmacy
  • Food courts
  • Restroom

 Terminal 1

Terminal 1
Terminal 1

The terminal is responsible for all regional and short-haul flights. That is all flights in and out of Dublin. Also, T1 is an important part of the Ryanair airline. Terminal 1’s facilities are certainly very absolute with everything. The loop is the main retail attraction in terminal 1. It offers a shop-and-collect service for passengers. Further restaurants are spread around the terminal. However, the Mezzanine food court is only open to ticketed passengers. In addition, transport links here are very efficient. And there is a variation of vehicle services like; buses, taxis, and airport car hire.


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